2 X 3 LEDS Street Glass Lens Array

2 X 3 LEDS Street Light Borosilicate Glass Lens for SMD 1W/2W/3W/4W/5W/6W/7W/8W/9W/10W LED Sources   

We have many types Street Light Glass Lenses Array module suitable for SMD 3030/3535/5050/7070 LED Sources, can be widely used for street lighting, roadway, railway, pedestrian crossings, highway, courtyard, school, parking lot, down light, sideway, airport lighting, tunnel light, Residential area lighting and others

  Lens main parameters 

Applicable LED Sources  

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    REETH Main Street Light Glass Lenses        

 REETH have many varieties of Street light glass lenses include symmetrical street light glass lens, asymmetrical street light glass lens, anti-glare street light glass lens, frosted street light glass lenses, the lens shape can be round, oval and square, the light pattern can be type I, type II, Type III, Type IV, Type VI, the lens diameter ranging from 20mm -130mm, our typical street light glass lenses are 57mm, 66mm, 78mm, 92mm, 100mm, 107 x 87mm, and we can also design and custom-made based on customer requirements, our Street light glass lenses can meet any beam angle requirements, mainly are 60 x 120 deg, 60 x 140 deg, 70 x 140 deg, 80 x 120 deg,80 x 140 deg,70 x 135 deg, 70 x 145 deg, 70 x 150 deg,70 x 155 deg, 80 x 150 deg,80 x 155 deg, 80 x 160 deg, 100 x 160 deg,30 x 120 deg,75 x 135 deg,50 x 130 deg,75 x 120 deg ,120 x 160 deg and so on  

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