14 in 1 SMD Glass Lens for high bay

14 in 1 SMD Customized Glass Lens for high bay / spot light applications  

We have many types High bay light Glass Lenses Array module suitable for SMD 3030/3535/5050/7070 LED Sources, can be widely used for Led high bay, low bay, spot light, down light, industrial light and others

14 in 1 SMD LED Glass Lens Main parameters               

  •   Lens material: high borosilicate 3.3
  •   Lens dimension:
  •   Lens structure: Plano-convex
  •   Working temperature: -50-550 degree
  •   Reflective index: 1.474
  •   Applicable SMD LED Source: 1W-10W LEDS such as Cree, Nichia, LG, Plessey and son
  •   Main applications: LED High bay, Led low bay, spotlight, down light and others 

Applicable LED Sources  

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