69mm convex LED Lens

69 x 20mm Dome Plano-convex Glass Lenses for COB LED High Bay Lighting applications

RH-PL-69-20 is a type of Plano-convex Glass Lens with 20mm height, can be suitable for COB or SMD LED High Bay, Low Bay, Down Light, Industrial Light, Spotlight, Automobile Light, headlight, Car lamp, Medical and others 

RH-PL-69-20 Main Parameters  

  •  Model No: RH-PL-69-20
  •  Lens Height: 20mm
  •  Lens flange thickness: 3mm
  •  Lens structure: Plano-convex
  •  Main application: LED High bay, LED Low bay, LED Industrial Light, Car Lamp, headlight, Automobile Light, Medical, Down light, spotlight and others 

RH-PL-69-20 Drawing   

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