Dome LED Glass Lenses

71mm Dome Glass Lenses spherical Lens for COB LED Lighting with 80-90 degree for 20/30W/50W LED Chips 

RH-PL-71-28 is a Dome Glass Lens, Lens diameter is 71mm, Lens height is 28mm, and about 80-90degree beam angle, can be suitable for 20W/25W/30W/35W/40W/45W/50W for Flood Lighting, Down Light, High beam Lighting, High bay Light and other converging Light 

RH-PL-71-28 Main Parameters  

  1.  Model No: RH-PL-71-28
  2.  Lens diameter: 71mm
  3.  Lens Height: 28mm
  4.  Lens flange thickness: 3mm
  5.  Lens structure: Plano-convex
  6.  Main application: LED High bay, LED Low bay, LED Industrial Light, Car Lamp, headlight, Automobile Light, Medical, Down light, spotlight, High beam, Flood light and Converging Light applications

RH-PL-71-28 Drawing   

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